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Gyro Kite
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Fly This Exciting Helicopter Stunt Kite!

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It's Great Fun!

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The Helicopter Kite
Wind Powered Helicopter That Flies Like A Kite!

Only $12.95

FREE SHIPPING in continental USA!

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String attaches near the nose (200' string included).

Landing gear is solid steel, and assembly is easy.

Body of copter is High Impact ABS plastic, very flexible.

Rotor mechanism is durable Nylon, and is crash proof.

Copter comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY on parts.

A steady wind is required to fly well, 10 mph or more.

Spinning rotor makes chopping sound like real helicopter.

Rotor will spin at up to 650 RPMs in a strong wind.

Rotor span is 23" from tip to tip.

Helicopter measures 13" high when assembled.

Helicopter measures 13" from tip of tail to tip of the nose.

Minimum age recommendation is 8 years, under 16 may need an adult to supervise.

Free flight instruction video CD is included along with stunt flying tips.

Assembly takes about two minutes, no tools needed, and is easy.

The copter takes a while to master but is very fun to fly.

Helicopter Kite $12.95 Includes Free Shipping In Continental USA. Colors of Helicopter Gyro Kites may vary from pictures on site but are other wise the same kite. Allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.

Have twice the fun and get two Helicopter Kites for only $19.95 and save! Free Shipping In Continental USA. Colors of Helicopter Gyro Kites may vary from pictures on site but are other wise the same kite. Allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.


Also Receive Free Video CD and Stunt Flying Instruction!


Rotor Span Is 23" Tip to Tip!



How to perform stunts?

Touch-n-go Landings - are performed by releasing a length of line very quickly to release the tension on the flying line. As the copter sinks out of the sky and approaches the ground, the string should be pulled in quickly. With practice the copter will just touch the ground and then power back into the sky.

360 Flat Spins - are performed only in strong wind conditions, with much practice. The copter will often "wash" back and forth in high winds. By timing a 10-12' release of line at just the moment that the copter reaches the outside edge of its flying pattern or "wash" the copter will spin completely around and may loose a little altitude. This trick is difficult but with a few hours of practice it becomes quite easy.

Pin Point Landings - are performed when the pilot becomes used to the wind conditions and the angle of attack of the copter. A really great game is to try landing upright on a specific target. A gentle release of line, will allow a delicate landing which will keep the copter upright.

360 Rolls - are the most difficult stunt to perform, and take very specific wind conditions. A steady ground wind with some gusty winds above ground level are the best for this stunt. When a gust of wind hits the hovering copter at a mid level altitude the copter will often "rock" backward as the rotors wind up quickly and create too much upward lift. This "rocking" motion is the beginning of the 360 roll. It is at the beginning of this motion that the pilot must pull in about 10-15' of line very quickly, causing additional speed in the rotors and this excess lift will allow the entire unit to roll over. After rolling over the copter will often loose a great deal of altitude, but should recover quicly and begin to ascend again before hitting the ground.

Carry A Payload - believe it or not this copter will carry over one pound of payload if the wind speed is high enough. I suggest using an empty soda can, to practice. The easiest way to maintain a steady high wind is to fly off the back of a speeding boat. This allows easy wind speed adjustment. It won't be long and you will be tying all kinds of payload to the bottom of the copter. You can combine stunts by putting a small wire hook off the bottom and doing a pinpoint landing to pick up a payload with the hook.

Dog Fight Another Copter - is just like it sounds. Try to knock the other guy out of the sky, and he tries to do the same to you. The last one flying wins. Here is the secret! Never attack from the same height or below your competition. Gain altitude and attack from above. Your steel landing gear will hit your friends spinning rotors knocking him down quickly.


If you have an upcoming VACATION to a beach or other relaxing destination, you should really get some of these helicopter kites. This kite is compact and travels well. When flying it on the beach or anywhere it will always draw a crowd of people who will ask "where did you get it, and where can I get one?" It happens every time! Many have called me and said "man I could have sold a hundred of them right there!!!". If you doubt this, then just wait and see!

Scientific Explanation:

The "rotors" are actually more accurately described as wings, which are rotating around a center pivot, but with similar performance characteristics to those of an airplane. The obvious exception is that an airplane's wings are moving forward. The air travels over and under the wings just as on an airplane. The shape of the wings is that of an airfoil, which has a convex upper surface, and a flat lower surface. The air traveling over the top of the airfoil moves at a much faster speed than the air traveling accross the bottom surface. The faster moving air on top creates a lower pressure which causes the wing to be sucked or pushed upward and lifts the weight of the aircraft, or in this case the copter.

The rotation of the "rotors" on this copter is caused by the pitch on the wing. The wing is pitched ever so slightly forward. When the wind hits the bottom surface of the wing, it causes the wings to rotate in that direction. Think about a windmill, with giant rotors spinning because of the pitch on each fin, this pitch drives the rotation. It may sound scientific, and it really is very educational, but the fun you will have flying the copter will make you forget that you actually learned a very in depth aviation science lesson.

Helicopter Kite $12.95 Includes Free Shipping In USA.
Allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.

Have twice the fun! Get two Helicopter Kites for only $29.95 and save money! FREE SHIPPING in US!

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